The weather outside is frightful…

Well, it isn’t that bad actually. It’s warmed up a little. And the large pink fluffy slipper boots are definitely keeping my toes toasty. (They won’t last long – the cat will destroy them – but in the meantime I’m wearing them almost every moment I’m in the house.)

I’ve been working hard today, but it is nearly Christmas, so I’ve been enjoying Christmas films in the background. And what more quintessentially Christmassy film than Die Hard or Die Hard 2? Exactly. So a couple of little Christmas presents for you. One is a little video featuring Neil Gaiman, giving you permission. One is a little video which makes you feel a little sad and a little inspired and vow to change your life immediately.  

And finally, one is a little video made by some guys who have clearly learnt the lesson of both of the first two videos and are making the equivalent of a Christmas moonshot: an unsigned, mostly unknown acappella group aiming for a Christmas number 1. If you like that one, please go to Amazon or iTunes and spend the princely sum of 89p to buy a copy of the song. All the proceeds go to supporting student bursaries at St Andrews (one of the most expensive universities for living costs in the UK). And think of the smug ownership when you contribute to a PROPER Christmas song reaching the charts. Just like the ones we used to know. 


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