Civil Rights

If you agree with current government initiatives to legislate for gay marriage then can I urge you to write to your MP to express your support? Opponents of the move have been vocal and mobilised; it’s all too easy to complain when something is against our beliefs, but to hang back when we think things are going our way.

You may like to mention if you happen to be a practising Christian and still believe in gay marriage. You may want to urge them to promote true equality by withdrawing civil partnership or making it open to heterosexual couples too. You may want to protest at the legal exclusion of CoE and CoW from the process. You may want, as I intend to, to tell your MP that they should feel under no compunction to write back to you (my experience of Tory MPs’ letters is that they are blood-boilingly patronising and ill-informed).

But can I ask you to write? We live in a world where there are still countries where being gay can get you killed. BY LAW. Perhaps we could make a declaration of support that all people are equal and capable of loving relationships which should be accepted and promoted by our society. You can find your MP at Write a letter, however brief. Then ask anyone else you know who supports gay marriage to do so. The argument being used by opponents is ‘no-one wants this, it’s a waste of time and we have no mandate.’ Let’s give them a mandate.


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