What did I do in 2012?

I had a story accepted into an anthology, and two poems into a paid market. I wrote 16000 words of novel and a great many times that in freelance writing of various kinds. A magazine I’ve never heard of has requested to reprint an article I wrote for another magazine, which has been widely well-received. I was asked to revise and resubmit an academic article, which I did. I submitted three others to journals. 

New Year’s Resolutions then: 

– To pitch (by the end of January) the idea for a non-fiction book I have.

– Write the non-fiction book. If no-one wants to publish it, I’ll self-publish it as an e-book. 

– To complete the freelance contracts that I have and then STOP accepting them because they take up too much time and my health is suffering from working too much. This may be revisited at the beginning of March when I should have had a month freelance free, because I suspect that this is the thing that I enjoy the most!

– To write 400 words everyday of fiction, starting next week. I am considering a similar goal for academic writing – possibly using the pomodoro system which seems to have worked very well for Tanya Golash-Boza, author of the excellent Get A Life, PhD blog

– Revise and resubmit one of the articles I’ve had rejected from academic journals. Finish writing the other five I have in mind. 

And some others, involving fitness and reaching my ideal weight, and seeing my delightful godson more. Happy New Year to you all. 



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