100k in 100 days

Sally Quilford, whose blog and writing comps calendar you ought to know if you’re interested in writing at all, is, for the second year running ‘100k in 100 days’, a slightly more leisurely version of NaNoWriMo which will get us into April. The good thing about it is that you can include any kind of writing – even this blog post would count… I’ve admitted to about 7,000 words so far although I’ve probably written more like 12k in the last two days, attempting to catch up with deadlines that flew by due to illness. Another 12k by Monday and I’ll be caught up with that particular contract – although I’ve got some editing to do on another one for the same deadline. Which is why Monday is my day for hitting the novel again. After then I hope most of my 100k words will be on that, although my new year’s resolution post probably provides some other possibilities. 

Another option is to write a children’s novel for the Kelpies Prize which only requires 70k by Feb 28th. Unfortunately the novel I have semi-planned is a YA one which needs a slightly older target audience. I’ll keep thinking and see if any inspiration turns up by Monday. Alternatively for a shorter challenge, there’s a free competition for a story about Bingo here. As you do. 

If you’re interested in joining us in 100k in a 100 days then the Facebook group is the place to go looking for camaraderie, prompts and some downright impressive word counts. 


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