Monthly Archives: March 2013

Is it any fun for you?

Oops, long time since the last post, and apparently the one I wrote apologising for that fell foul of the fuzzy-internet-due-to-international-hacker-attack problems the UK has been experiencing in the last ten days. 

But here’s a little something you might find interesting. Should it be fun to write a book? This blog post in the Guardian suggests not. The author’s hints seem to tie in with the sentiments expressed by Janet Evanovich when I interviewed her for a student newspaper ten (gulp!) years ago. When asked if the Stephanie Plum books were as fun to write as they were to read, she retorted that they absolutely were not – they were work, and damn hard work too. I was a little dispirited by that – and I think I still am. But then, the only thing of that length I’ve ever written was my thesis, so what do I know?