What’s in a name?

Well, the short story is finished, and firmly into novelette territory. It’s a strange thing that when I set out intending to write a novella every word has to be squeezed out, and when I set out to write a short story it ended up about three times as long as I’d intended.

The villain has been identified, the heroine has moved on a little. I enjoyed it, and I just about figured out who did it.

And now I’ve realised I don’t have a title for it. It had a working title, which was the name of the heroine, as a label for the word file. I have no idea what to call the finished story. It’s a murder investigation, set in the supernatural druids world I’d previously come up with for the novella (and steals one setting from that novella, which will never see the light of day otherwise!). It’s based in London, and has a private investigator, who mostly works for the druid clans. Hair is key to the plot. Any ideas? No, me neither.

I’m putting the story away for a couple of days now, so I can come back to it with fresh eyes for editing. I’m wondering whether I should try to follow Stephen King’s advice on editing (2nd draft = 1st draft- 10%) or stick with my usual approach, which is to add words in the second draft because I usually don’t write long enough. Let’s hope that by the time I’ve made that decision, a title will also have suggested itself.




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