V.F. Elliott writes in a variety of genres, under variations on the name Victoria/ Velda/ V.F. Elliott (and a variety of spellings of her surname, through no fault of her own). Her first paid writing was a short story sold to Brownie magazine, back in 1997. Her poetry has been published in the Mays Anthology, the Oxford Magazine and the Scottish Poetry Review.

She once held up Germaine Greer in the library queue by having an extended argument with the librarian about why she didn’t have a particular book overdue, because it was in Dutch, and she doesn’t speak Dutch. Germaine Greer was surprisingly nice about it.

She spent a year as a Viking re-enactor before going to university, which means that she can produce mediaeval braids in a variety of historically accurate ways.

She earned her Rugby Blue from Oxford University as a graduate student (Tight-head prop, since you ask.). In some ways she rates this higher than her doctorate from the same institution.

You can follow her on Twitter: @veldaelliott


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