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Finished! (Sort of)

At long last (and I’m talking almost a year here) I’ve finished a draft of my novella, which has been titled various things, but to which I mostly refer as ‘ghouls and druids’ in my head. It is a fairly poor draft, in that there’s a lot of things which need fixing, a lot of stuff which needs adding but it’s a draft. (I am constantly in awe of Dean Wesley Smith who can write from beginning to end, one draft, one copy edit and done. He goes back and fixes stuff when he realises he needs an extra scene to make this one work. I can’t do that. I have a list of things which I need to go back and add – which should help with the fact it’s currently a mere 22,354 when it was supposed to be around 40k.)

This left me with the kind of buzz that required a cup of tea and a very long sleep, but it’s a definite buzz. The irony is that this isn’t the book I meant to write at all. The one I had in my head was the book whose events happen after this novella, but it became clear when I tried to write that last summer that it wasn’t going to be written until I’d dealt with the events leading up to that point. To a large extent this is getting down on paper the story that I have been telling myself in my head all year.

Anyway, part of the facilitation for this is the new 100k words in a 100 days challenge, which started at the beginning of July. Having decided to restrict myself fiercely to only fiction words this time around (I didn’t meet the goal last time either, but I wrote around six times as many non-fiction as fiction words, and I do that anyway.), I’ve hit a mere 3849 in the first 14 days of this challenge. But: the first draft is done, and the first additional scene/ subplot is in my head, ready to go. I will count it a success if by the end of the challenge (October sometime) I’ve got a workable draft ready to go to beta readers. Even if that isn’t 100k words!



End of the line

Well, it’s 100 days (101 actually) into 2013, and the 100k in a 100 days challenge, that I wrote about earlier, is over. Did I make it?

Well, that’s several questions.

  1. Did I write 100k?
  2. Did I write every day?
  3. Did I write more than I usually would?

The answer to 1 and 2 is ‘no’, I’m afraid. I hit 70,875 (and between us, the challengees wrote more than 3 and a half million words). I mostly wrote these on dayjob words and contract work. I did write some of my WiP, although nowhere near as much as I’d hoped.

Question 3 is a bit more difficult. Probably the answer is yes, although I think that maybe not by much. What is interesting is looking at the patterns of my writing. I definitely write in spurts – some days nothing, others several thousand.  I was interested to read this post on Cal Newport’s blog which supported the idea of short intense bursts of work. Of course, he’s talking in an academic capacity, so maybe that’s relevant to the dayjob, and not so much to the fiction writing.

What I found interesting was that I could write 70000 in 3 months. But then, I kind of already knew that. I wrote about 60k of my doctoral thesis in a little under 2 months (deadlines REALLY motivate me).

There’s another 100k in a 100 days challenge starting July 1st, and I’ll be signed up. But this time I’m only going to count fiction. I’m willing to bet I’ll find it much harder and I’ll get much less close to the target (I’ve just worked out if I’d included blog posts in the word count it would have been 75k, which is pretty damn respectable). In the meantime, between now and then, maybe I’ll just try every day…

So, Question 4:

                          4. Was it worth it?

That’s 100% yes.