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The ebook of Journey to Crone is available for free on Amazon today and tomorrow, in both the US and the UK.

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As I may have mentioned before, there are some much better poets than me in it, so it’s definitely worth downloading if you have a Kindle/ Kindle app. The paperback is also discounted until July 1st if you order it through the Chuffed Buff Books website, down to £5.99 + shipping.


Finally here!

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This is a very lovely paperback collection of poems in which Slug and Quicksand appear. I obviously bought it for self-aggrandising reasons, thus wiping out the £6 I was paid for them, but actually it’s a beautifully produced book and there’s some excellent poems in there. As usual, the part I read first was the biographies – I just love those mini-essays that give you an insight into other people’s psyches, through what they choose to include, omit, or give in detail. Mine tend to the (extremely) short. I can tell you the only interesting sentence (which has no new information if you’ve read my ‘about‘ page):

She has been both a tight-head prop and a Viking re-enactor.

Anyway, Journey to Crone is available now, either direct from Chuffed Buff Books, or from Amazon, or from the Book Depository.