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The ebook of Journey to Crone is available for free on Amazon today and tomorrow, in both the US and the UK.

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As I may have mentioned before, there are some much better poets than me in it, so it’s definitely worth downloading if you have a Kindle/ Kindle app. The paperback is also discounted until July 1st if you order it through the Chuffed Buff Books website, down to ¬£5.99 + shipping.



The word is always less than the thing it is meant to represent. No matter how complicated, exact, true and beautiful the language may become, it is always a diminishment of the reality described. (Stephen Dobyns, ‘next word, better word, the craft of writing poetry’)

So true – and possibly why I like to write fantasy. In the made up world there is no reality to be diminished into language, and the word can rule.